correction of visual refractive defect

Surgery for correcting Myopia

Forget your myopia in only 10 minutes.
We offer you the state of the art technology for your specific case: Laser, Premium Multifocal IOLs, ICLs...

Surgery for correcting Astigmatism

We have the most advanced diagnostic devices for analyzing all the vectorial components of your astigmatism and check the optimum technique

Surgery for Hyperopia correction

We study your level of latent hyperopia for achieving the best visual quality

Laser for thin corneas

A thin cornea is no longer a problem. We will correct your vision with Laser using Epilasek technique, completely safe and getting the best outcomes.


Custom LASIK Eye-Q Discover its advantages

Corrects the graduation, simultaneously eliminating all refractive defects presented by the patient (myopia + presbyopia, myopia + astigmatism).

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Pioneers in ICLIn use in Spain

The ICL allows to treat refractive defects in a fairly large range, indicated in cases where LASIK could be contraindicated.

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Laser in eye surgeryCorrection of refractive defects

Visiondiez offers the highest Laser technology, our two types of lasers provide the best performance, safety and results.

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… I could not believe it, the light , colors, the quality of the details…Why I did not do it sooner ? More than 5 years have gone and I can tell you that you should not doubt it…

State of the art technology

At Visiondiez Eye Clinics you will find the state of the art refractive surgery technology. We are specialists in the correction of the refractive errors using laser and in the use of intraocular lenses as the solution for presbyopia and cataracts

Surgical procedures with AENOR quality certification