The aberrometer is an innovative diagnostic system that analyses and measures the refractive aberrations of the eye’s internal media. It calculates the corneal ablation needed to compensate these defects in any point of the cornea (not only in the centre) and achieves significant improvements compared to traditional laser operations.

Custom LASIK or guided by Aberrometer (Wavefront-Wavefront ™) is possible because the Excimer laser performs the reshaping of the cornea, following a three-dimensional map that is generated by the Aberrometer (Wavefront ™). This achieves a precise and individualized treatment.

In addition to correcting the dioptres, (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) the customised LASIK  also eliminates the aberrations of the visual system. In this way problems with night vision are avoided, and sensitivity to contrast is also improved.

The aberrometer works on the principle of Tscherning. It has been used clinically for more than nine years, getting excellent visual results.

During the customised LASIK treatment, the surgeon applies the Excimer laser guided by the aberrometer (Wavefront-Guided Technology). So an exact curvature is achieved in all sectors of the cornea, creating optical zones which are perfectly adapted to the characteristics of each patient.