The Visión10 Eye Clinic, in addition to the required approvals from the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, has been accredited by AENOR with licence number ER-1367/2008.
AENOR is an organisation dedicated to the development of standardisation and certification in all industrial and service sectors. It aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of companies.

The Visión10 Eye Clinic is an ophthalmology centre that meets the highest standards. We not only try to manage quality but also our processes to achieve the best results. Quality is an attribute of the people within our clinics, seen in each of our actions. As such, quality is not a goal, it is our usual way of working.

In the Visióndiez Eye Clinic, the principle that governs all our actions are based on two elements:

  • Safety
  • Trust

These two elements are constant and present in every one of our professional action, from the first contact with the patient until they leave our care to help us be the best ophthalmology clinic.

Safety is achieved through «professional» and «responsible» actions by all Visióndiez Clinics members, following the protocols and procedures validated by the quality assurance system (AENOR). This aims to achieve results in line with patient expectations.

Trust in our clinics stands as one of the principles of the doctor-patient relationship. This ensures that the patient is well-informed at all times and is a participant in the medical care received.