An eye surgeon is a specialist in eye care and the visual system. An eye surgeon is a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, specialising in ophthalmology: he carries out all kinds of activities aimed at promoting and maintaining eye health.

The eye surgeon is best trained for comprehensive eye care, from simple prescribing of corrective lenses to complex interventions and delicate eye surgery. Ophthalmologists are also involved in clinical research on eye diseases and vision problems.

What training do eye surgeons require?

After completing the six-year Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery they must finish a national exam (the MIR) to obtain a hospital training position, where after four further years they obtain the title of ophthalmology specialist.

In the following years, specific medical-surgical eye surgeon training is completed, completing a masters specialising in different areas of ophthalmology.

The primary functions of the eye surgeon are diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases. All technology available in modern medicine is used to this end.

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