The transparent parts of the eye, the cornea and lens, act as converging lenses focusing the images on the retina.

In a myopic eye, the converging power of these lenses is greater than that required for the axial length of the eye, so images are focused in front of the retina and appear blurry.

Surgery to correct myopia reduces the converging power of the cornea and/or lens, achieving pictures that are perfectly focused in the retinal plane. Glasses or contact lenses are no longer necessary to see properly. Myopia laser surgery acts on the cornea while intraocular lens hyperopia surgery acts on the lens.

Myopia laser surgery is a non-invasive technique that acts on the surface of the eyeball. The excimer laser reduces the cornea convergence power, increasing the radius of curvature of the anterior corneal side. It acts as a highly-precise «file» which slightly flattens the central cornea. If the cornea is quite thick, we apply the Lasik technique which yields an immediate recuperation time and is completely painless. If the cornea is thin, we apply the Epilasek technique which has a slower recovery time and leads to small annoyances in the first days after the operation but guarantees perfect vision after a short time.

Myopia laser surgery also simultaneously corrects refractive errors such as astigmatism and presbyopia (or eye strain). For patients with presbyopia, the excimer laser creates a multifocal aspheric optical zone on the cornea which, in addition to correcting the myopia, will allow you to at near distances without glasses when there is good lighting and text is not too small. If the patient also has astigmatism, the excimer laser also corrects it simultaneously in the same operation.

Myopia surgery with intraocular lens implantation definitively corrects myopia , reducing the lens convergence power. This technique is most effective when the myopia strength is over 12 dioptres, achieving better visual acuity than before surgery with glasses or contact lenses.

To correct presbyopia associated with severe myopia, we implant multifocal premium intraocular lenses in the same myopia surgery which allow patients to see well at all distances without glasses and at any ambient light level.

Our professionals decide which type of myopia surgery is best for each patient, based on the power required, corneal thickness, degree of presbyopia and other anatomical parameters which will be carefully evaluated during a preoperative ophthalmologic examination.