There are many eye care professionals with many years of experience in myopia and astigmatism operations. However, when it comes to presbyopia specialists, it is not so simple. The laser presbyopia operation is performed using a technique that has been used for less time, so our priority is to find true presbyopia specialists, such as Dr Casado who has performed more than 65,000 eye surgeries (over 10,000 of which involve presbyopia).

  • In some cases with presbyopia, the patient has a very thin cornea, as was the case with Consuelo Álvarez Gil from Móstoles (Madrid), who tells us herexperience with Visióndiez’s specialists:
    «Hi, I’m forty-…. years old, I have worn glasses since I was 35 and I’m pretty sick of them. I wanted to have the operation a couple of years ago and went to a clinic in Madrid where they said it was not recommended because I had a very thin cornea. That really scared me and I forgot about it. But now, apart from myopia and astigmatism, I have presbyopia and the optician told me I need progressive lenses. How horrible!
    One day, I took the metro to work and they offered me one of these complimentary newspapers. As I was flicking through it, I saw an ad for «Visióndiez Clinics» which would correct your vision including presbyopia with a free initial consultation and a good price. I looked at the website and one of the tabs I opened talked about treatments for my problem, thin corneas, operable using EPILASEK.
    I went for it, asked for an appointment on the Thursday and the following Thursday, the operation was already done.
    I am so glad. The recovery process was a bit slow but Dr Casado had warned me on the first visit that this technique would be like that. I am happy I took the plunge and recommend this clinic thanks to its service, the price and, most importantly, the result.»
  • There are clinics that offer other methods to solve presbyopia such as intraocular lenses. There are also some which refuse to operate due to the patient’s age. True presbyopia specialists study your particular case and the option of a laser eye operation, as happened with Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Ruiz from Toledo who had a presbyopia operation with Dr Casado at the age of 65:
    «I’m 65 and I wanted an eye operation to correct my astigmatism and presbyopia. I needed glasses for both long and short distances and I was very uncomfortable. I consulted two ophthalmologists and they refused a laser operation due to my age. They offered me intraocular lenses. They explained that cataracts still hadn’t formed and the truth is I was worried about the intraocular lens operation. A neighbour of mine who is three years old I had laser surgery two years ago at Visióndiez Clinics and was very happy with the results, so I decided to go and have a free consultation. It loved the treatment and I saw there was a lot of people my age who had had a laser operation.
    It’s been 6 months since I was operated on and everything has been happening as the Doctor explained. I see well without glasses at all distances and I sincerely recommend it to all who have the same problem. It is the best 1,800 euros I’ve spent in my life.»
  • Sometimes what is most surprising is that various eye defects can be fixed in the same operation. At Visióndiez, we specialise in presbyopia but also in other refractive errors. This was the experience of Juan Martín Ramírez from Leganés (Madrid):
    «I am 56 years old, I had hyperopia with a power of 6 dioptres in each eye in addition to my presbyopia unfortunately. I was blind as a bat without my glasses or at least I couldn’t make out what I saw. My personal situation was complicated further by the current economic crisis. To be honest, this didn’t help me make decisions but things do look different when you can see better. One day I heard an ad on the radio, where they talked about presbyopia operations. I thought that if at least I could correct this problem, I would get something out of it. To my surprise, when I went to Visión 10 at the Plaza de Spain, they told me they could also improve my vision and correct my presbyopia while paying in very easy installments. This helped me greatly to decide to go for the operation as well as the fact that I found extensive information I could compare with people who had had the operation before as well as testimonies that helped me.
    I fully recommend this clinic. I didn’t really take a long time evaluating other options because they gave me what I wanted… I hope that those who decide to go for an operation have the same luck I had. Although economically speaking things are still bad, I see things differently which and this helps a little from day to day. I recovered from the operation quickly for vision at near distances and although it took longer to see at distances, I did end up recovering my vision. This is so much better now. I wish luck to all those who decide to go for the operation…»
  • Many people are unaware that there are presbyopia specialists that can correct it using lasers and that’s what catches their This is the case of Encarnación Pérez Puerta from Cobeja (Toledo) who tells us the following:
    «I have had the operation for presbyopia among other things and I am delighted as I was assured that this eye problem could not be corrected. I can even read fine print which I couldn’t see before, even with glasses on.»