The process of finding an eye surgery clinic varies from person to person. Some people are very clear they want an operation but are not sure where. Other people make the decision to operate once they have found the right clinic. What they have in common is that they want a quality clinic. Everyone can put up with a bad haircut or buy some clothing that doesn’t really look good. When it comes to eyes, the situation is very different. We can’t accept just any site or any doctor. We need a quality clinic

What is a quality clinic?

What we understand by a «quality clinic» always depends on our own point of view but there are several points on which many agree.

At Visióndiez, we asked our patients if they think Visióndiez is a quality clinic and why. There were various answers:

  • Yolanda Jiménez López, from Madrid had an operation for eye strain after a car accident. What made ​​her opt for Visióndiez was the clinic’s value:
    «If there is something important in life, it is to be able to see clearly. I had always boasted of having good eyesight until I stopped having it. I am fond of reading and it became increasingly difficult to read, especially at night. I really didn’t worry about it too much until one day, I was returning from a business trip. I misread some road signs at a junction and I went the wrong way down a one-way street. The street lights dazzled me and I couldn’t read the signs well. The shock forced me to react, so I took the issue seriously and I found out about different places I could get the operation. Everyone was talking about Clínica Baviera and Visión10. The value for money made me opt for you. 900 euros per eye was the best price I found on the market, and the first visit being free gave me all the confidence I needed. The doctor convinced me from the beginning and the facilities seemed luxurious. Now all I can say is thank you for giving me back my eyesight.»
  • Manuel Fernández Fernández, Madrid, was operated on for eye strain and myopia. He recommends the clinic and emphasises the quality of life that he has gained since he was operated on at Visióndiez:
    «At 52, my quality of life has greatly improved in just one morning. I tell you, I have been operated on for myopia so I’ve given up my glasses, yeah!!! They aren’t part of my daily life now…. I can drive, go out, play sports, watch TV… and all without that parasite I had attached to my nose. Now I feel ten years younger.
    I had the operation three months ago. I made the decision overnight and went for it. My problem was I couldn’t see long distances. My prescription was 7 dioptres for the left eye and 8 for the right. Close up, my eyesight was «acceptable» and this caused me some concern. Somebody told me that having surgery could improve my eyesight at long distances but it would worsen it close up. NONE OF THAT PLEASE!!! .
    I still look for my glasses on the nightstand when I wake up and at that moment, when I open my eyes, I breathe deeply and thank VISION 10 for everything. I only have one regret: why didn’t I do it before?»

In general, patients relate the quality of a clinic with a balance between facilities, the professionalism of those who attend them and the treatment.
Below are some Visióndiez patients’ answers when asked «Do you think Visióndiez is a quality clinic? What was it you most liked or that most surprised you?»

  • «Yes. Prompt consultation and operation. Very clean”(ANTONIA GARCÍA CENTENO, MADRID, hypermetropia and astigmatism operation).
  • «Information, speed, reliability» (CARMEN ZORRILLA DELGADO, MADRID, myopia and eye strain operation).
  • «Yes, a lot of personnel, very clean, good facilities, very nice treatment by staff. Surprised: many customers, only one surgeon but it’s better because the star operates on you» (PILAR NAVARRO SALAZAR, MADRID, presbyopia operation).
  • «Yes, the bedside manner. Very friendly. And they explain things so well”(AMANDA MORALES, LAS PALMAS. Myopia operation).
  • «Yes, I think it is a trustworthy clinic. They are always friendly and close to everyone” (ANA BELÉN CANOREA SAN SEGUNDO, MADRID. Myopia and astigmatism operation).
  • «Yes, perfect treatment. Professionalism” (CARLOS MACÍAS GONZÁLEZ, CÁCERES. Myopia, astigmatism and eye strain operation)
  • «Yes, I think it is a good clinic. The attention of the staff and the facilities” (JUAN FRANCISCO CASTRO INIESTA, JAEN. Presbyopia, astigmatism and hyperopia operation).
  • “The treatment was very good, the information received was easy to understand(JUAN SEVILLA OCAÑA, ALCALÁ DE HENARES, MADRID. Hyperopia and astigmatism operation).
  • «Yes, because of its quality certificates. The care and professionalism”(MARIA INMACULADA GARCÍA VIEJO, GUADALAJARA. Myopia and eye strain operation)
  • «Yes, they treated me well and quickly. The operation was great, I didn’t suffer. What most surprised me was how quickly I could see well up close”(MIGUEL ÁNGEL IGLESIAS LLAVE, TOLEDO. Eye strain operation).
  • “Yes, the technical staff are very qualified and advanced technology, and the precision and high number of tests performed before and on the day of the operation”(PEDRO DANIEL TARAVILLA HERRAIZ, CUENCA. Myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia operation)
  • “I think that it is a very high-quality clinic. I liked its modern equipment and the personnel treated me well, both the ladies and Dr Casado.”(ROBERTO GÓMEZ RODRÍGUEZ, MADRID. Presbyopia operation).
  • «In my opinion, it is (a quality clinic). As I said, they do tests that were not done at other clinics, e.g., the eye scan. I found it very interesting. Everything was great”(MARIA DEL PILAR GARCÍA MONEDERO, MADRID. Myopia and astigmatism operation).