Sometimes when we seek solutions to our health problems we confuse getting the best practitioners with finding the best clinics. In fact the best option is the one which combines both things.

But this is not always the case, we really do not know who we are trusting our health with. It may even happen that we are well assisted but not by the doctors with the most experience.

We know that choosing the best ophthalmology clinic in Madrid is not an easy task, but we want you to go for the best option so we can help you by revising these rules:


  1. The best ophthalmology clinicfeatures a great staff,  well-known opticians (see things you need to know to choose a good optician).
  2. The best ophthalmology clinicinvests in technology and has advanced laser and diagnosis equipment.
  3. The best ophthalmology clinichas state of the art laser technology to simultaneously correct the strained eye and any other vision defect (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia…).
  4. The best ophthalmology cliniceffectively solves its patients’ eye problems without charging excessively high prices for the treatments. Find out about prices for laser surgery
  5. The best ophthalmology clinicis not the most well-known or the one that has the most franchises; it is a nearby clinic where as soon as you arrive, you will meet the doctor who is going to operate you.
  6. At The best ophthalmology clinicit will always be the chief surgeon the one who operates you because it is only him the one who has the most experience and you deserve the best. See Doctor Daniel Casado’s CV
  7. At The best ophthalmology clinicwe will attend to your personal needs during pre-op and during the surgery itself. After the intervention we will provide you with a telephone number to contact us and so that you talk directly to the surgeon.
  8. The best ophthalmology clinicguarantees the ongoing training of all its staff members, to offer the best experience in the handling of state of the art equipment.
  9. The best ophthalmology clinicactively participates in the innovation of the sector, using a large amount of its budget to research and development.
  10. The best ophthalmology clinicis that one which has the most modern infrastructure and cares for quality.

At Visiondiez Ophthalmology Clinic we have the perfect balance between price and quality. This is the reason why hundreds of people attend the clinic and recommend their successful experience to others.

At Visiondiez you will find The best ophthalmology clinic in Madrid and most importantly, you will be assisted by experts, with the latest laser technology at a reasonable price.

Your first visit is free of charge. Trust us, trust Visiondiez.