i+dAn aberrometer is an innovative diagnostic device which analyses and measures the refractive aberrations in the interior of the eye. It calculates the corneal ablation necessary to compensate for these defects in any part of the eye (not only in the centre) and notably improves the results of a traditional laser operation.

Custom LASIK guided by the aberrometer (Wavefront™) is possible thanks to the fact that the Excimer laser reshapes the cornea following a 3D map generated by the aberrometer (Wavefront™). This leads to a more precise and better-fitting treatment.

As well as correcting dioptres (for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism), custom LASIK also eliminates other visual system aberrations. This avoids night vision problems and improves contrast sensitivity.

The aberrometer works on the Tscherning principle. It has been used clinically for more than 9 years, achieving excellent visual results.

During custom LASIK surgery, the surgeon uses the Excimer laser guided by the aberrometer (Wavefront-Guided Technology). This leads to perfect curvature in all parts of the cornea, creating optical areas which are perfectly suited to each patient.