The myopia operation is one of the most common laser eye operations. Correcting myopia with a laser is safe and effective. Millions of people have undergone myopia surgery in the past 20 years.

The myopia operation lasts less than five minutes and is totally painless thanks to the application of a few drops of anaesthetic eye drops. Recovery is very fast: within a few hours, you will start to see well and the next day you will be back to leading a normal life.

Currently, the myopia operation is done in a very personalised or customised way. The laser is guided by the aberrometer and topographer, modifying the curvature of the cornea and vision ensuring excellent quality vision, both during the day and night.

With the myopia operation, up to 12 dioptres of power can be corrected depending on the corneal thickness and other anatomical parameters.

If you have myopia as well as astigmatism or presbyopia, the laser corrects all defects simultaneously in the same operation, so you can see well without glasses at all distances.