Astigmatism is a refractive defect that impairs vision for both long and short distances. It occurs when the curvature of the cornea resembles a rugby ball.

The laser astigmatism operation corrects this refractive error by making all meridians of the cornea the same (the laser flattens the steepest meridian and increases the curvature of the flattest meridian).

The laser can correct other refractive defects during the astigmatism operation. If you have myopia, hyperopia, or presbyopia, they will also be corrected at the same time so you can see well at all distances.

If the cornea has a normal thickness, the Lasik technique is used. The astigmatism operation only takes 5 minutes. It is totally painless and has a quick recovery period so you can return to normal life the day after. If the cornea is less than 500 microns thick or has any other topographic irregularity, we apply the laser using the Epilasek technique, achieving the same results but with a slow and gradual recovery with discomfort during the first days.