The presbyopia laser operation rejuvenates your vision, so you can see well without glasses at all distances. It is an operation that takes only five minutes and requires no intraocular lens. Before the operation, the eye is anaesthetised with eye drops so that it is completely painless. The next day, you will be back to a normal life.

The laser used in the operation increases the «asphericity» of the anterior surface of the cornea. This increases the focal depth and improves the functional accommodation of the lens.

In the same operation, it can also correct for other refractive errors as myopia (up to 12 dioptres), hyperopia (up to 6 dioptres) and astigmatism (up to 6 dioptres). In the presbyopia operation, the laser achieves a real multifocal effect, aiding with presbyopia and providing good vision at all distances.