The origin of the Vision 10 Eye Clinics dates back to 1987 when founder Dr. Daniel Casado opened the first eye clinic on Camino de Vinateros street in Madrid.

Ten years later, in 1997, a second clinic was opened on the street Principe de Vergara in Madrid: the Daniel Casado Ocular Surgery Institute.

In 2001, in response to the high demand of patients, opens a new center equipped with the latest laser technology for the correction of refractive complaints: the Visiondiez Eye Clinic in the Plaza de España, the neuralogical heart of the capital.

A few years later (in 2009), another Visiondiez eye clinic opened at Reina Victoria 47 in Madrid. This centre specialises in intraocular surgery, meets the highest quality standards, features intelligent operating rooms and is also equipped with the latest technology.

More than 65,000 people have undergone successful operations, the cornerstone of our development and the drivers for Vision 10’s true expansion in Madrid.