Visiondiez has the most advanced technology to correct your eye strain with laser and premium multifocal intraocular lens.

Presbyopia, also known as far-sightedness, is an ocular defect that consists on the decreased ability to focus on objects at close range.

To properly focus on nearby objects the lens changes shape, increasing the curvature of its front and back, by the contraction of the ciliary muscle; this process called accommodation, modifies the focus distance as would the autofocus system of a camera. Over the years the lens loses elasticity and can not change shape so easily, reducing its accommodative capacity and developing eye strain.

Eye strain is an inevitable physiological process that begins between ages 40 and 45 and affects almost 100% of the people over 50. The first symptoms of eye strain are often the need for good lighting and extending the arms to separate the reading from the eye. As the eye strain progresses, reading glasses are indispensable, requiring increasing graduation until the process stabilizes around 65. Learn more about eye strain symptoms

Presbyopia Simulator (Eye strain) large.

For people with hyperopia, eye strain occurs prematurely and with greater intensity, especially if the distance glasses are used. For people with myopia, the opposite occurs, eye strain appears later and perhaps with less intensity, as uncorrected myopia (i.e. when the person has no glasses on) helps to see up close. Certain situations of physical weakness, as the convalescence of some diseases and the recovery from major surgery, seem to accelerate the evolution of eye strain, as well as sedatives and muscle relaxants.

Eye strain is traditionally corrected through the use of prescription glasses. Today we have different refractive surgical techniques for the correction of presbyopia:

  • If you want to permanently correct eye strain and other refractive errors that the patient could have (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism), the best option is the premium multifocal intraocular lens.
  • Thanks to the treatments with latest generation Excimer laser for theeye strain surgery, you can create a multifocal aspheric optical zone correcting vision at all distances. It is ideal solution for patients with low intensity presbyopia.

Visiondiez brings you the latest technology for vision correction of eye strain using corneal Excimer laser and premium multifocal intraocular lens.

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