The correction of myopia, hyperopia and eye strain with premium intraocular lens is the perfect solution for many patients:

  • If you have a high graduation that the excimer laser can not successfully reduce.
  • If the cornea is thin or has topographic irregularities.
  • If the crystalline lens has lost transparency and / or accommodative capacity.

First we will carry out a thorough eye examination assessing the needs of your particular case and discussing the various treatment alternatives. The surgeon will evaluate its anatomical and functional characteristics to choose the most convenient type of intraocular lens and explain all the details of the surgery.

Intraocular lens surgery is completely painless, lasts a few minutes and has a very quick recovery period, which allows faster return to normal duties.

When the operation begins irrigate the ocular surface with antiseptic solution and put aesthetic eye drops so that you do not feel any pain.

The corneal micro incision will be positioned in the most curved meridian in order to reduce corneal astigmatism. Then we will introduce the intraocular lens, which will be placed in a suitable anatomical position.

The corneal incision is so small that it does not need stitches, thanks to its self-closed valved architecture due to the effect of intraocular pressure.

After doing the intraocular lens implant you will leave the operating theatre on your own feet, eyes uncovered. During the first hours your eyesight will be slightly blurred and you will feel minor discomfort and itching as well as the feeling that you have a foreign body inside you.

The next day you will be much better, with virtually no discomfort and with much clearer vision. You will be able to force your eyesight since you feel you can see better, it won’t hurt if you watch TV, read, drive or use the computer.

During the first days you should not rub eyes. You can crouch and move normally from the start, but avoid heavy physical exercises during the first week.

The premium intraocular lenses are “invisible”, they go completely unnoticed, and with them you’ll have superior visual acuity, better than how you were before the surgery with glasses or contact lenses.

In visiondiez we specialize in surgery with premium intraocular lenses.