The laser procedure for eye strain is included within the ocular refractive surgery. This type of laser surgery does not need a classic preoperative (blood tests, ECG, etc.) as it is the case of major surgeries.

Presbyopia Simulator (Eye strain) large.

The eye strain surgery is completely painless. The eye is anaesthetized with a eye drops and the eye strain laser acts on the surface of the cornea. In five minutes it achieves excellent results.

The recovery from the eye strain surgery does not need special care. You can have a normal life the day after the intervention. Just follow a few simple guidelines, which will be explained by the professionals at Visiondiez before leaving the clinic. The patient can go home on his own feet two hours after surgery and will experience an almost immediate visual recovery.

Technically the eye strain lasers improves the optical quality of the cornea, increasing focal depth and stimulating residual accommodation; it achieves a real multifocal effect, solving presbyopia and providing functional quality vision at all distances.


Presbyopia simultaneous surgery and other vision defects

It doesn’t matter if the patient has other vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, the eye strain laser surgery will correct them simultaneously (myopia correction is possible up to 11 dioptres and for hyperopia up to 6 dioptres. Astigmatism is up to 6 dioptres).

The eye strain operation gives the patient the chance to see well without glasses, at all distances, in one intervention. Check the prices for ocular interventions.

Some observations regarding the presbyopia surgery

The vast majority of the population suffers from eye strain as from being 40-45 years. This problem is caused by the ageing of the lens, which loses elasticity and loses focus for the nearest objects. The process is progressive, but it is stabilized at the age of 60-65.

The eye strain laser operation solves the problem for many years, corrects presbyopia you may have at the time of the operation with a wide margin to allow the patient to see well without glasses (sometimes forever).

The laser eye strain surgery is a completely customized technique that provides a wide spectrum of application for patients with presbyopia of all ages.

Sometimes, over the years, it may be necessary to make a small touch with the laser, to continue seeing well without glasses.

On the first visit (which is free) our surgeon will examine your eyes and carefully evaluate all preoperative tests to determine if the laser technique for eye strain is suitable for you.