On the Internet, hundreds of clinics offer services at their best price and hundreds of ophthalmologists offer their expertise to solve your visual problems. While we should be careful as to which clinic offers the best service, it is also true that we should be concerned about whose hands are going to operate our eyes.

Which clinic to choose? Who will perform the surgery? How is the procedure? How will I be treated? What are the characteristics of the operating theatre? What kind of experience has the doctor who will perform the operation? Will the clinic respect all the sanitary norms? Will the medical staff have the necessary expertise? Will the facilities be duly prepared? Will all the procedures carried on have the AENOR quality certification?

On the Internet everything can be easy and quick to find, but you should verify the information with real life, visit the selected clinic, talk to the ophthalmologist who will operate you, see the facilities, meet the team of specialists, etc. Just based on real facts and trust that they offer us, we will finally be able to make the best decision.
All Visiondiez clinics have sanitary licenses issued by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid (CS 4618 / CS 2757 / CS 9318)

Diagnostic, therapeutic protocols and all surgical techniques are subject to periodic audits of quality certification, made by the company AENOR.
STANDARD ISO 9001-2008 (licence numbers ER1367 / 2008 and ER1341 / 2009)

In the case of most clinics, you do not know the ophthalmologist who will operate you until the day of the procedure. In Visión10 we provide you with the professional and personal profile of the ophthalmologist who will treat your problem from the beginning to the end. Dr. Daniel Casado is recognized by the thousands of successful interventions he performed for over 27 years of professional experience.

Todas las Clínicas Visiondiez cuentan con las licencias sanitarias emitidas por la Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid (CS 4618/ CS 2757/ CS 9318)

Los procedimientos diagnósticos, los protocolos terapéuticos y todas las técnicas quirúrgicas están sometidos a las auditorias periódicas de certificación de calidad, realizadas por la empresa AENOR.
NORMA ISO 9001-2008 (número de licencias ER1367/2008 y ER1341/2009)

En muchas clínicas no conoces al médico oftalmólogo que te va a operar hasta el día de la operación. En Visión10 te damos a conocer el perfil profesional y humano del médico oftalmólogo que tratará tu problema de principio a fin. El Doctor Daniel Casado es reconocido por las miles de intervenciones de éxito que lleva realizadas a lo largo de 27 años de experiencia profesional.