Vision10 offers you the best Laser technology, our two types of laser provide you with the best services, safety and results. We currently have the two most advanced type of lasers for the correction of refractive errors:

  • Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q
  • Femtosecond laser Ziemer LDV Z8

The Gaussian profile of the small floating spot, ensures a homogeneous energy distribution and allows us to perform laser surgery effectively, depending on each pupil size.

It is equipped with precise and ultra fast “active eyetracker” which detects the position of the patient’s eye even if it moves during operation. Its sophisticated security devices ensures the lasik operation is an absolutely safe and highly accurate technique.

The ablation pattern optimized by corneal asphericity (Q-Value Technology) achieves the best possible natural view, unprecedented in the field of refractive surgery.

It only takes about four seconds to correct a dioptre, this makes the intervention shorter than other types of excimer laser.

The femtosecond laser is the latest technological advancement in the field of refractive surgery.

Zimer LDV-Z8

The LASIK technique with Femtosecond is at the forefront of myopia corneal surgery, hyperopia and astigmatism. In it the laser is used to perform the flap and the laser is controlled by the computer so that the process is fully automatised.

The ophthalmologist will decide the most appropriate intervention for each patient, analysing the characteristics of both types of lasers and deciding the most appropriate one based on the number of dioptres, the thickness of the cornea and other anatomical factors which will be carefully assessed in a thorough eye examination.

In the visiondiez clinics we also have also have Yag and Argon lasers to deliver comprehensive eye care and offer the patient the appropriate laser eye surgery.