At Visiondiez clinics all patients meet the surgeon who will operate on them first-hand. There are no “major” or “alternate” surgeons. The surgery will always be performed by Dr. Casado, who has over 27 years experience and has operated 70,000 patients. Visióndiez guarantees that you will only be treated by expert hands.

In Visiondiez we do not just solely care for the patient while he is in the clinic; we are always at his disposal. Outside the opening hours of the clinics, we do not forget our patients and indeed they all have the mobile phone number of Dr. Casado.

In visiondiez we have a certificate proving the quality with which we perform the eye surgery. For the past 7 years we have had specific certification: ER-1367/2008 for all surgical procedures and diagnostic tests.

At visiondiez clinics, we take all the necessary time to thoroughly understand the patient’s problems and their visual needs; serve them without any haste. The duration of our consultations is usually higher than the healthcare standards in Spain, allowing us to offer a top quality personalized service

At visiondiez clinics we do not offer the cheapest prices, but according to our philosophy we could never do it.
Having the latest technology, a team that pursues excellence and complete dedication to the patient are our real priorities.
We offer the highest quality care at a reasonable price.